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Stage Name
Mahtie Bush

Hi! Introduce yourself, what is your name?
Hey what’s up my name is Mahtie (Pronounced Mah-Tee) Bush

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?
I started out wanting to make music to tell the story of a foster kid who beat the odds. That has been my goal since day one. I feel like as time has gone on I’ve become more lyrical in my approach to music.

Where are you from? When did you start music?
I am from Sacramento,CA aka Backpackramento. I started doing music I say around the time I went to my first recording studio at age 5.

What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?
That’s a tough question. One minute I think it’s me beating the odds of being a foster kid, next minute I’m having to cope with my mothers death. It’s really hard to say. Things change every day.

Who inspires you the most musically?
Michael Jackson overall. Just knowing his story and all the things he had to overcome. On top of just being in the music business since a child is amazing to me.

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?
I want people walking away saying “that dude can rap his ass off!” I want the respect of the people.

What is the purpose driving you to pursue music?
I love Hip-Hop bottom line. I’m a bboy, so the music is inside of me. It’s never gonna change.

What is your greatest achievement so far as a musician?
Possibly getting to travel to different countries for my music. Australia, Tahiti, and Canada multiple times in my life.

Whats your music process like? How do you you write your songs?
I have to either be influenced by a recording artist or I have to hear a dope beat/melody. Then I can start my process.

Who is one artist you wish you could work with?
Method Man from Wu-Tang. My favorite WU member. I stuck with my name Mahtie so that way my CD would be next to his in the CD section lol.

Tell us about any new songs or projects you have coming out?
I have a new song that I’m featured on called “All Day Remix” by GR8 feat. KRS-One and Dj Kool Kuts. I also have project dropping May 20th called “GTFOH” produced by Monsrock

What does a day inside your shoes look like?
I wake up 4:55am and go to work for 8hrs. Go see my son and sometimes take him to Muay Thai then his tutoring class. If it’s not that then I’m off to my 2nd job as a cook. I’m always working!

Anything else you want the audience to know about you?
Hard work pays off, Dreams Come True. Bad Times Don’t Last, But Bad Guys Do. -Scott Hall


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