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Our Campaign With Target, Ryan Shakes, and others.

During the pandemic Target tasked us with promoting their newest online curbside pickup feature. They wanted to focus primarily on TikTok and reaching Millennials and Gen Z. We then utilized our Influencer we manage @itsryanshakes to start a trend with his 6.7 million followers.

Objective 1 – Create Brand Presence

At the time, target just created their TikTok. With only 1000 followers on their account, the goal was truly to build from the ground up.

Objective 2 – Increase Mobile App Downloads

Followers are great, but the real goal is to push the product. In this case, that was their newest curb side delivery feature to help with pandemic shopping.

Our Strategy – “Tell Me You Love Target, Without Telling Me You Love Target”

At the time, there was a trend called “tell me you love “X” without telling me you love “X”. The point of this social media viral wave was to create inside jokes about things people do depending on the activity.

In this case, we deemed it necessary to combine this trend with Target and start having influencers make videos about it. Our goal was to spark vitality in the brands favor, not only prompting instant social media success, but also mobile app downloads and curbside orders.

Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.

Project Timeline

December 2020
Brand Presented Us The Plan
January 2021
Prepped The Influencers
February 2021
Campaign Went Live
February - April 2021
Continued To Promote

Video Examples

TikTok Videos Of Our Influencers Doing The Trend

When we started, the brand had exactly 1632 followers. After the campaign was over Target had a whopping 900 thousand followers. Today, target has over 2 million followers caused by the momentum from our campaign.

Not only did followers increase, but also brand awareness that Target is on Tiktok and making content. Their goal was to get into the Gen Z market and begin to win over the younger age range and we believe that was accomplished.

After the campaign was over it was clear that this campaign caused a massive spike in app downloads. These downloads were from users of all ages but mostly in the 16-32 range. This success aligned perfectly with what the brand set out to do in the first place.

Although the pandemic was a time of uncertainty, we were able to help provide a bit more stability through the use of social media. Thanks to our TikTok campaign the brand was able to increase revenue by making sure people could continue to shop.

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