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Hi Jordan! How are you?

Hey! I’m actually doing pretty well. Just trying to stay healthy, you know? A lot going on this year, so just trying to soak up all this time we got on our hands and put it to good use!

Where are you from?

A: I’m from Kent, WA. Raised out here my whole life. Got a lot of memories that come out of this city, that’s for sure.

What is your greatest inspiration for your acting?

My greatest inspiration is knowing that I have the potential to act a certain way that I’ve never performed on camera or in reality. This business is full of surprises and it’s very rewarding. As life goes by, you see how fast life is moving and everything that is happening around us. I can just only imagine what my industry has in store when it comes to the films and what they’ll look like in the future.

What are 3 words that describe your career path?

Rollercoaster, Confusion, Unexpected. Rollercoaster, because this business is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you’ll work continuously and there are some months you don’t work at all. Confusion, because I’m still learning about how things work in the industry. I don’t get why some aspects of the business work the way they do sometimes. And unexpected, because you just never know what could happen at any moment. They could book you and then send you an email saying they found a part that fits better, or you could be booked for a project you didn’t even audition for and you start shooting in two days. Just always expecting the unexpected, and it’s very common.

What is the hardest role you’ve ever performed?

It was probably playing the role of Bernardo in high school when I did West Side Story. I had to flip people and I was so hesitant about breaking someone’s neck or giving them a concussion, because there was a lot of dancing and that’s something I wasn’t used to at the time. Other than that, I haven’t come across a hard role on film – yet.

What are the challenges of being an actor?

I would say the real challenges are more at the beginning of your career. You’re just getting your way around and slowly starting to understand entertainment lingo, but then you’ll get rejected for a commercial you put in so much time rehearsing because you were so confident why they wouldn’t want to not choose you. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with your skill. Maybe you didn’t have the look, maybe you were just rude. Whatever it is, it’s important to understand to not take things so personally. A lot of the time, the casting directors don’t even know what they want.

Are there any new projects you are in coming out soon?

Currently working on feature film in LA that should be wrapped here soon, then pursuing a talk show with a network called Infecting Change Television. Other than that, just counting my blessings and keeping life going.

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