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Author: Aon the Artist



Hey! How are you doing today?


I’m vibing, wake up at 2 pm and head to the studio all night every day.


Where are you from?


I’m originally from Bozeman, Montana. Living in Seattle currently and will be back and forth between here and LA.


What is your greatest inspiration for your music?


I think my greatest inspiration is just being able to vent how I feel without talking to someone about it. It’s always been an outlet for me. Drake was the first hip hop artist I messed with and then for me it was always about finding the next best song before others did and then I just said oh well i’ll make my own! A lot of hours put into crafting this. Betting on yourself the biggest part of it all.


What are 3 words that describe your music?


Smoke blunts too


What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?


I lost an artist and friend I used to work with Malcolm Rebel, and I still get choked up when writing something in remembrance of him.


What are the challenges of being an artist?


Mental. It’s all mental. If you can mentally keep yourself motivated, and not blame other people for your lack of success, and being open to learning and working with the new people you can accomplish a lot more.


Are you planning on releasing new music soon?


I’m planning on so many drops. I have a bunch of awesome content all 2021.


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