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Born on May 22, 1995, in Amityville, NY, and raised between NY and Griffin, GA, 28-year-old rising artist Tyg3x journey is as dynamic as his music. Despite facing challenges, including brushes with the law that led to prison time, his passion for music never faded. What began as a form of self-expression evolved into a promising career, with his raw authenticity resonating deeply with audiences.

With notable achievements such as earning thousands through social media and garnering over 30k views on his single “Letter of Dedication” while incarcerated, Tyg3x determination is palpable. His message is clear: regardless of life’s trials, perseverance is key. His forthcoming release, Tyg3x dropping later this year upon his release from a five-year bid, promises to deliver the raw, unfiltered sound that defines his artistry. Get ready for Tyg3x to bring real music back with a story to tell and a vision for the future.