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Rico$uave, an Haitian American artist hailing from Miami, Florida, was born and raised in the vibrant community of Pinewood in northwest Miami. His roots in this diverse neighborhood have greatly influenced his artistry and perspective on life.
Rico’s journey through education led him to achieve his highest level of education at the high school level.
Growing up surrounded by hustlers and street culture, Rico developed a unique understanding of the world around him.
As the uncle of West Orlando’s YG Ivy, Rico has always been deeply connected to music and its powerful ability to shape communities and narratives.
Currently collaborating with NFU and Roc Nation, Rico$uave is making waves in the music industry with his distinctive sound and storytelling. His latest single, “Streets Ain’t 4
Everybody,” stands as a heartfelt tribute to his friends who have tragically lost their lives to violence.
Through his melodies and lyrics, Rico$uave sheds light on the harsh realities of growing up in the streets of Miami, offering a raw and authentic voice to those who have faced similar struggles.
With a passion for music that runs deep in his veins, Rico$uave continues to make his mark in the industry, captivating audiences with his compelling storytelling and unique artistic vision. Keep an ear out for Rico$uave as he navigates the music scene, bringing his experiences and emotions to life through his music.