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Recently Chelsea Adair, owner of Salon Adair, has been making headlines lately. As we pick up the story as well, we’ve dug up some interview questions about the successful business owner. 

Hear from Chelsea Adair below:

What exactly do you do for a career? 

I’m classified as a hairstylist, but My clients would agree — I like to utilize my position to really get to know my community on a deeper level and help them discover their innermost beauty and radiate it outwards. Hair, Makeup, Clothing, Weight loss… Whatever “that” is… I like to help people find it. 

 What was the process for you to find what you wanted to do? 

I originally had plans to be a nurse or a nurse midwife and deliver babies… I started in junior college and took a break when I found out my mother was fighting her last year‘s with cancer and went to beauty school to get something under my belt and have a back up plan… After she passed away, I tried to go back to nursing school and it just didn’t feel right. Clients were sad, I felt financially defeated, and I missed the daily art of hair. I gave it a second chance, with a career in mind this time instead of just a job or hobby. I had a baby about a year after school and I had no choice but to win this time.

 What does being a successful hair stylist entail? 

Fluid communication skills! The hardest thing for me to teach my staff, are successful consultations. Mutual expectations; equal happy, long lasting relationships. When you have a happy client; they easily refer friends to you, and you’ll build and retain a thriving business. 

 What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

Helping people discover a new look that completely translates who they are fluidly. 

 What do you want your future clients to know? 

Although I love to meet new people, I am not currently accepting new guests at this time. I am fully committed to my existing clientele. 

 What is your greatest success so far?

There have been many incredible opportunities that I am very grateful for and proud of. I feel the most exciting accomplishments I have had would be making it to the top of a creative hair colorists with Matrix, as well as traveling across the world to India where I had the opportunity to teach blonding and fashion color. 

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