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Shyam Thakker also known as Desiboy is doing everything in his power to maximize the use of his God given talents. An educator at a local high school by day, and group fitness instructor by night. Responsible for developing a nutritional supplement line and growing a flourishing music career. Desiboy keeps himself busy, investing his time and energy into empowering the lives of others. A deep passion for life and his creative ventures fuels him through the obstacles of such a full schedule. He started his Journey at Life Time in Canton 19 years ago and is still killing the Zumba game. Packing every class he teaches. Shyam’s combination of Zumba and Bollywood rhythms is gaining popularity as he continues to spread his love for teaching Dance Fitness to the world.

Desiboy genuinely loves helping people and working with them to achieve their goals. This heart posture is what has allowed him to impact the lives of so many already. Whether it is a student in his classroom or Zumba class, Desiboy’s intention to elevate those around him is apparent. A father, a son and brother Desiboy is the epitome of what it means to be a man. Providing for his family and leading by example. His inspiration to achieve these goals is his daughter. Big plans are in the works for the evolution of his supplement line and dance instructing. The vision is to create Bollywood style dance fitness, something that is rarely offered if at all. Honoring his culture and passions while bringing value to society and the economy. Entrepreneurship is never easy, Desiboy has pushed through obstacle after obstacle to realize his dreams. Now with multiple business ventures happening all at once, he continues to strive for more and make the world a better place.