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Kota the Friend just dropped his latest album, ‘Lyrics to GO, Vol. 5.’ It’s a big deal in the indie music world. This album is packed with cool beats and thoughtful lyrics. Kota worked with some top-notch producers on this one, like Hit-Boy and Statik Selektah. The album kicks off with catchy tracks like “Beijing” and “TULUM.”

What’s cool about Kota is his unique style. He’s been making waves since he released his first album, ‘Lyrics to GO, Vol.1,’ back in 2016. His music videos are different too, with simple visuals and yellow subtitles that grab your attention. According to Kota, this album is more than just songs. It’s about life, finding yourself, and staying calm when things get crazy.

Each song on the album feels like a trip to a different place. You’ve got tracks like “MILAN,” “YUMA,” “OREGON,” and “VIETNAM” that take you on a journey through different experiences. In my opinion, Kota’s music stands out because it’s real and relatable. ‘Lyrics to GO, Vol. 5’ is no exception. It’s a solid album that’s worth checking out if you’re into thoughtful lyrics and catchy beats.

Give it a listen and see what you think!