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Gizzle, formerly known as Welden Dude and T Gizzle, embarked on his rap journey around 2017. Initially a producer, he transitioned into a rapper and gained traction with his 

alias “Lil Gizzle.” His early works were uploaded on platforms like Audiomack and SoundCloud, utilizing recording apps like Rapchat and BandLab. 

In 2019, he diversified his content with a YouTube channel, “Welden Dude,” focusing on gaming and reaction videos. As he delved deeper into rap, he dropped notable tracks like “Breaking the Bank” and “ICED OUT.” The release of his EP “Trainboy” in June 2020 marked a turning point. His hit single “We Can’t Be Friends” and debut album “Dreams and Nightmares” followed, showcasing collaborations with artists like Glocknation and Yn.jordan. 

Gizzle’s commitment to social issues was evident with the protest anthem “Black Lives Matter.” He continued his prolific output with albums like “Young Legend in the Making” and “Was It Worth V.” Singles like “Anime” further solidified his presence in the industry. 

Despite personal challenges, including temporarily removing his album “Death Penalty,” Gizzle’s dedication to his craft remained unwavering, culminating in releases like “As Life Goes” and collaborative projects like the EP “Planet 3.0.” Gizzle’s journey reflects his evolution as an artist and his determination to leave his mark on the music scene.