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Journeying through the music industry often involves a complex and multifaceted path that includes challenges, difficulties, and successes. Jelani Kay, a resident of Moreno Valley, draws on this tumultuous journey as the inspiration for his latest release, “Blessings.” Produced by Chad G, this reflective masterpiece combines Jelani’s personal experiences with the insightful wisdom he has gained over time. The song features poignant lines such as, “One thing that I learned, they’re always gonna want what you got.” Jelani and Chris King’s collaboration in 2019 was the catalyst for the development of this song, which marked a turning point in Jelani’s decade-long career in music. After being signed to Snotty Nose Records by Chris, Jelani is now focused on his next goal – to top the charts on Apple, Spotify, and radio stations across the globe and a music Video following the song blessings filmed by his label mate KROLL. Stay updated on Jelani Kay’s growing musical talents by following him on Instagram @jelanikay_