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When it comes to the Seattle music scene, outsiders may say they don’t know of much going on. But that all may change very soon. Introducing Mafi D, a soulful rapper from the Central District of Seattle, WA has recently been on a run in the rap scene. From humble beginnings Mafi D has since forged his path and isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Growing up in the Central District, Mafi D began his musical journey around 2014-2015, but it wasn’t until the birth of his daughter in 2017 that he fully committed himself to his craft. Since then, many people from Seattle would agree that Mafi D’s dedication to his artistry never wavered. This relentless consistency led him on stages with industry giants like Young Dolph and artists such as Babyface Ray, Larry June, and Sauce Walka. 

Mafi D’s resume reads like a roadmap to rap stardom yet amidst the big names of the industry, Mafi D remains grounded in his purpose. For him, success is not measured by fame or fortune but by the impact he makes on the lives of others. Through his music, he seeks to uplift his community and inspire other young artists to chase their dreams.

Just recently Mafi D dropped his latest project, “Ski,” which is a 12 track album loaded with classic Mafi D vibes that fans have grown to love. Check out tracks like “Tied to Me,”, “My Boo,”, and “ILWYL” that showcase his versatility, as well as Ken Griffey that pays homage to the Seattle Mariner legend.

Find hm on Spotify below: