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Los Angeles-based vocalist and pianist, Milena Gligic, unveils her mesmerizing debut single, “Daredevil”, set to release with a captivating music video on February 15, 2024. Renowned for her expertise in operatic, jazz, and Balkan ethno styles, Milena ventures into uncharted musical territories with this evocative track.

Inspired by a serendipitous encounter, “Daredevil” offers a mysterious yet immersive journey guided by Milena’s ethereal vocals. Reflecting on the song’s inception, Milena shares, “The whole song came to me unexpectedly, in three downloads, like a premonition.”

Crafted during a moment of inspiration on a drive home, the single features an enchanting string arrangement by collaborator Dimitrije Cvetkovic. Directed by Marlon Vladimir Rodriguez, the accompanying music video enhances the song’s charisma with cinematic visuals, skillfully mastered by Brad Sayles and edited by Luka Stemberger.

As the video unfolds, Milena’s commanding presence fills the room, exuding effortless grace in a stunning black gown reminiscent of old Hollywood charm. Her impassioned vocals intertwine with haunting piano melodies, while scenes of intimacy and romance flicker across the screen.

Milena’s illustrious musical journey, spanning prestigious institutions like the LA Opera and the LA Philharmonic, underscores her ability to transcend genres and continents. As a faculty member at CalArts University and UCLA, she imparts her expertise to aspiring artists, nurturing the future of musical talent.

Reflecting on her artistic evolution, Milena shares, “This song is my first-ever push into a singer-songwriter world, and I have a few more following it. It came to me a week after I met the daredevil. It ended up being prophetic, opening a magical door into my creativity.”

With “Daredevil,” Milena marks a significant milestone, showcasing her sonic evolution and boundless creativity, promising a captivating journey for music enthusiasts worldwide.

Watch the video below: