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From Orange County California comes Rakan Ayyoub. A young and creative emcee with an incredible story. Rakan Ayyoub was blessed early as an artist, he was given the experience of touring with some of the biggest names from his region like Nipsey Hussle & IAmSu, Rakan Ayyoub is ready to take his career to the next step with the release of his debut album, “Legacy.”


The path of Rakan Ayyoub’s journey in the musical world was not always easy. Which is what makes Rakan’s music so promising. Despite the struggles Rakan faced along his path, it has became apparent that nothing was going to stop this man from succeeding. Rakan Ayyoub grew up writing songs, learning how to play the drums and guitar at age 11. Around this same time, his bestfriend who Rakan calls his brother (An incredible force as a musical producer)  “Joey Ghobrial,” showed him the music of Aubrey “Drake” Graham, an inspiring moment that would stick with Rakan Ayyoub for life. Now almost 17 years later, Rakan Ayyoub has shown his peers the dynamic changes he has made in his own personal life. As a full time musician and Cal State student, he puts all his effort toward pursuing his goals and reaching milestones. However, within this journey Rakan Ayyoub finds time to pray and meditate. Rakan always gives the credit for all his success & glory to God, stating that “Jesus is the only reason why I am musically inclined. It was His love that put me in this position. I am forever grateful to the King of all Kings.” His debut album “Legacy,” is slated to drop this December and is only one of many manifestations of the goals that Rakan Ayyoub has set out to accomplish.


Listen to Rakan Ayyoub on Spotify below and get ready for the “Legacy” album from the Orange County artist.