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Peace Gang Worldwide might be the most culture shifting clothing line out right now. Started in Alberta, Canada it has found its way all the way to the United States. Designed to spread positivity through clothing, Peace Gang fashion has all kinds of unique designs.  Merchandise that contain affirmations which uplift anybody who views the pieces. It is setting a new standard for culture and what is considered fashionable and cool. In an age where designer brands like Gucci, Dior and Balenciaga dominate the market Peace Gang is an innovative disruptor. Of course their competition is more rival luxury streetwear brands such as Supreme. 


These brands certainly lack the ingenuity of a Peace Gang and are missing the mark in bringing a message to their brand. This competitive advantage is creating separation within the industry and is a key factor in the quick ascension of Peace Gang Worldwide. A new bomber jacket titled “I AM.” Depicts Jesus with both blue eyes and pale skin, as well as brown eyes and caramel color representing the inclusion and unity values of the clothing line. Head over to the website below and see the wide range of diverse products to get your pieces!


You can purchase your merchandise on the website below:


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