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“Fernet Y Cola” by Los Chicos Criollos, it’s a cultural cocktail that’s as bold and refreshing as the Argentine drink it’s named after. In this song, the traditional Argentine drink ‘Fernet con Coca’, serves as a symbolic reference, encapsulating the blend of cultural influences and the bold, unapologetic nature of Kingdom Kome and Che Uno. The drink itself, popular in Argentine culture, is emblematic of the artists’ roots and the authenticity they bring to their music.

Kingdom Kome opens confidently and blends references to his Sicilian heritage with Latin American imagery, likening his raps to the intensity of an Argentina vs. Brazil football match. The lyrics delve into deep roots, mentioning legendary figures like Fito Paez, an Argentine singer-songwriter. As god’s favorite, he using metaphors related to Argentine culture and sports to describe his skill in music and life.

The chorus bridges the two verses with a catchy and proud declaration of their poetic and cultural magic. The repeated lines, “Desde Belgrano hasta Santiago / Con las palabras somos magos,” emphasize their wide-reaching influence and skill in weaving words, while “Fernet Y Cola lo que trago / Re-sarpado King & Che Los diputados,” highlights their distinct Latin American roots and their roles in the music scene.

Che Uno continues the theme as his words paint a vivid picture of Polo street fashion and capture the essence of a life that dances on the razor’s edge. His lyrics deep dive into the soul of an artist who finds beauty and truth in the chaos of the streets, channeling it into a raw, poetic expression that resonates with the authenticity that fuels their music.

Overall, “Fernet Y Cola” is an auditory mural where Kingdom Kome and Che Uno flex their linguistic dexterity into a powerful musical narrative.

Here’s the track: