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The news of Rising Rap Queen & Personality NANA, the fiancée of Rap Royalty Boosie Badazz, signing with Media Mogul Chadd Black to spearhead her debut PR rollout into the mainstream spaces of the music industry is indeed an intriguing development and overall partnership. 

Chadd Black’s impressive track record of representing well-known and sometimes disruptive personalities such as Reality Stars Natalie Nunn and Joseline Hernandez, Rap Star Erica Banks, and Super Producer ATL Jacob, as well as his experience working with major labels and networks like RCA Recording Universal Music Group, Atlantic Records, Capitol Records, VH1, WeTV, and BET, certainly positions him as a seasoned professional who can potentially provide valuable guidance and opportunities for NANA as she navigates her rise to rap royalty. 

NANA’s ability to amass a substantial social media following indicates a promising start to her journey as an artist, showcasing her capacity to engage with and cultivate a dedicated fan base. 

Additionally, her unique sound resonating with audiences is a testament to her artistic talent and potential as a rising star in the rap industry. 

Chadd Black tells us in an exclusive statement:

 “NANA is in her own lane! This roll out will come second to none! She’s the artists to watch!” 

As NANA embarks on this new chapter with Chadd Black at the helm of her PR rollout, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement surrounding her future endeavors and the impact she could make within the music landscape. 

The collaboration between NANA and Chadd Black and his Black House Media Team will usher in new opportunities, collaborations, and broader recognition, propelling her career to greater heights and solidifying her presence in the competitive realm of rap music.

The fusion of NANA’s distinctive musical style, burgeoning fan base, and Chadd Black’s expertise and industry connections sets the stage for a compelling narrative of growth, innovation, and success in the rap industry.